TeleSoft International
Statement & Overview


Making Industrial IoT Cross Domain Communications easily achievable, sustainable and expandable generates incremental revenues.


Great opportunity exists for those companies that can seamlessly leverage any and all connected devices, their own and installed by others, especially those connected across differing Internet Service Provider Domains, collect both raw and preprocessed data, integrate data collected from others with their own and provide enhanced Analysis, delivering significant new Value to their customer.


As the leading protocol stack development company, TeleSoft has added Data capabilities to SIP, the global standard for VoIP and Video. As a global standard, SIP is proven to have a simplified development effort and is Domain, platform and device agnostic. These traits deliver a simplified and readily available method to achieve cross Domain communication.


Leveraging SIP creates both tactical and strategic value.

At the TACTICAL level:

SIP minimizes initial development and ongoing maintenance costs. Most companies are already SIP users with vendors and procedures in place.

SIP is the Global standard used to Find, Connect and Communicate between two end points, even those with varying IP addresses. It is Domain agnostic eliminating the false barriers imposed by each Domains architecture and methodologies.

At the STRATEGIC level:

The ability to collect complementary data from other partners’ devices and the ability to provide your data to your partners creates new best practices, expanded data analysis and offerings creating new revenue streams.

Solution concepts depicted here are subject to change based on current market research process