IoTSIP Development Status Page

This page will contain the lastest IPv6 address of the RCO along with information concerning the development process.

Latest address:

The latest RCO address is either: (click on them - they are links)


Please let me know which works for you. Thanks.

Planned shutdowns:

Expect RCO to be offline Sundays and daily for an hour around 9PM pacific time for updating.


The camera is now 3x faster. The delay is about 3 seconds. Processing takes about 2 seconds, so the LED change takes about 5 secods totoal.

The rcsclient Chrome browser extension is working. It can accept a "sip:" address in the address bar, do an INVITE in the background, then reload the current browser tab with the returned address.

The extension is available on the TeleSoft FTP site along with a document giving inststructions on setup and use. Contact me If you want access to the code.