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SIP for IoT Data

 Fog Finder

to give you a competitive edge

The next evolution in IoT data communications:

     Where the IP address changes and network latency is a risk

     Where device to device / service / edge and fog communications is required

Leveraging the naming convention architecture within SIP to discover and connect devices where named jobs can be run on different devices at different times, and devices that can run different jobs at different times.

Providing the core functions of finding IoT devices and creating data channel sessions between them, letting them communicate directly - without a broker.

Scalable and Maximally Efficient in connecting IoT logical networks of any topology, from “flat” peer-to-peer to N-level hierarchical networks with one or more intermediate data concentrators/data reduction layers.


 TeleSoft International provides the IoTSIP binary library for developers to quickly implement their own IoT data
communications solution