Field-proven, fully-documented telecom protocol stacks from TeleSoft International

      Target avionics, consumer, commercial and military telecom apps

      Deliver custom gateways, VoIP phones and PSTN interfaces faster

      Reduce time-to-profit & technical risk

      Protect your IP with patent-indemnified non-GPL code

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SIP for IoT Data

 IoT Inter-connections made easy

Your business Their endpoints
= Shared Value

The volume of industrial IoT endpoints keeps growing - many can add value to other businesses - placing a premium on finding, connecting, sharing.

If your vision includes connecting to others’ devices, you know the challenges ahead. If it doesn’t, perhaps those challenges have limited your options.

We simplify: Finding, Connecting and Communicating:

Any Device, any Where, any Time – Edge, Fog, constrained, even those in constant motion with ever changing connections and IP addresses

Across services, technologies and domains – we support all topologies, eliminating device twins / shadows, setup lag times and other device draining chores

By leveraging SIP, the proven global standard used to find, connect and establish a supported communication channel across a wide range of disparate devices, crossing domains, we:

Remove inhibiting boundaries and limitations with a single universal and persistent connection methodology

Eliminate setup delays, execution latency and device constraints that result in repetitive replenishments

Deliver uncapped scalability by escaping the constraints inherent in most devices

Empower creation of unconstrained sustainable high value business models - connecting with others’ devices and / or offering access to yours