SIP for IoT Data


IoTSIP makes it easy to find remote IoT endpoints, make connections and transfer data (communicate) between these endpoints for any and all types of IoT applications, creating a completely data agnostic paradigm.

The SIP IoT Data Advantages:

Simple / Flexible Addressing

The simplicity of IoTSIP addressing enables IoT devices to easily use the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to discover the IP address of a desired contact and establish a data connection.

SIP addresses are written in user@domain.tld format in a similar fashion to an email address making a human friendly structure suitable for a wide range of business and consumer applications.

Uses of this protocol to locate and communicate with:

IoTSIP enables IoT devices to find, connect and transfer data with other services, servers, and other IoT devices with user friendly nomenclatures such as:

The IoTSIP Library is a complete and useable “out of the box” solution that makes it easy for manufacturers to add Secure Internet Data Collection/Dissemination to their devices. The IoTSIP binary library uses the proven CompactSIP SIP stack

The Infrastructure’s in Place