Industry leaders rely on TeleSoft

What Customers Say About TeleSoft

Telesoft source code, acknowledged for reliable, dependable and superior performance, is the cornerstone of our IoTSIP product offering.

"I know exactly where the code is going - with the other company's code, I couldn't pin things down." 
-- Cisco

"Telesoft has always been a great partner helping us to integrate the ISDN stack into our application. Their code and support is superior. That's what sets them apart."
-- Voyant Technologies

"I greatly appreciate your willingness to support us and your timeliness in answering our questions. Your help is enabling us to move forward towards our delivery goals without delay."
-- ITT Aerospace

"TeleSoft gets a very high grade for being solid, reliable, and dependable. Rock-solid throughout the whole project. Performance was also quite good. Didn't have to touch the TeleSoft code." 
-- 3COM

"We appreciated TeleSoft's code flexibility and the reliability of the technical support. TeleSoft technical support ensures that customers can successfully integrate and adapt TsLink3 code for their own platform." 
-- Digicom

"TeleSoft code made our ISDN product feasible; it saved us at least one year of market opportunity."
-- NxNetworks Proteon

"TeleSoft gives us the option of seeing every information element and message OR we can hide most of the Q.931 details. No vendor removes the need to know about Q.931, but TsLink3 code gives us the option of minimizing the need to know by hiding most of the Q.931 details so that we don't have to deal with them. You only need to address a few application-specific Q.931 messages or information elements."
-- Patriot Scientific

"The Telesoft code gave us a fast way to add ISDN capabilities to the InstantOffice system. During implementation, technical support responded very quickly with concise answers to our questions. When the rare problem was found at a customer site, technical support was again right there, helping us to quickly solve the problem."
-- Vertical Communications

"With TsLink3, I'm able to find exactly where the dataflow is going and where to make modifications to address my needs."
-- Workstation Technologies

"The TeleSoft code shortened our development time. Their technical support greatly exceeded our expectations in terms of both speed and depth of knowledge - super prompt and incredible technical expertise." 
-- Dynalec

"I would highly recommend Telesoft as a reliable vendor who rose to a challenging requirement and met our tight deadlines. We have found extremely few bugs and those have been resolved rapidly."
-- EMS Satcom

"TeleSoft code has fifty percent fewer ifdefs than their leading competitor."
-- Cisco