Company Advantages

Manufacturers license the TeleSoft CompactSIP and TsLink3 conformance-proven source code stacks to accelerate the development and conformance testing of their communications products.

Independent Developers gain a competitive edge by reducing their development time when they license telecom and datacom protocol stacks from TeleSoft International. Stacks available include support for VoIP, SIP, Worldwide ISDN, PPP, ML-PPP, T1 RBS, E1 CAS R2, QSIG, Frame Relay, AO/DI and X.25. Customers can license Q.921 LAPD or Q.931 LAPB individually or as an integrated stack. 

TeleSoft licenses well-proven source code for AutoSPID, Autoswitch Detection, NFAS, and D-Channel Backup in addition to DSS1 and other switch variants used worldwide.

Ongoing Client Relationship

A close working relationship from design through certification - we become an extended part of our customers' development team.

We bring with us the perspective gained through guiding our customers' engineering teams through the development of communications products.

We strengthen your in-house expertise and guide your usage of our software and hardware reference design products. Guidance at the software, hardware, and product level - our experience is not limited to software development.

Our on-going maintenance option keeps our protocol stacks software in compliance worldwide. We monitor RFCs, Network Releases, and standards from ITU-T, as well as other organizational bodies. We modify our code as necessary and send the modifications to our customers on an as-needed basis so that their TsLink3 source code remains current despite changes around the globe.

Breadth of Coverage

We can simplify the complex because we have hands-on experience making communications products work in the real world; we know both the software and hardware challenges of signaling protocols and we guide our customers through them.

Our software steers our customers clear of pitfalls that we identify through hands-on product experience - providing proven code, which is an order of magnitude more valuable to our customers because it does not jeopardize their development and delivery schedule.

Over 250 licensees in over 20 countries have selected TeleSoft hardware designs and/or source code to get their datacom and telecom products to market faster and more cost effectively.

Positioning for the Future

Time to market can be decreased up to 80% when using TeleSoft technology as the basis for a datacom or telecom product.

We are always a step ahead. You can license TeleSoft code knowing that when you identify the need for a new driver or protocol, we will either have the code you need or will work with you to develop it on an accelerated schedule.

TeleSoft engages in the full cycle of product development to better understand customer issues and provide optimized proven solutions.

Shortest Development Path with the Least Risk

Proven source code modules are available by themselves or ported to our proven reference designs.

Source code which we have proven conformant and proven to be fully operational on our hardware prior to shipment - we don't make it our customers' job to prove our code.

TeleSoft's CompactSIP software has been extensively interop tested at SIPits and against a wide range of 3rd party devices. TsLink3 source code is proven conformant at the following compliance labs: Telcordia (formerly "Bellcore"), TUV (formerly "Detecon"), AT&T, Northern Telecom, NTT (Japan), FTZ (Germany), CNET (France), PTT Telecom (Netherlands), BTL (UK), CSELT (Italy).

Extensive documentation which uses ITU-T designations as it defines interfaces layer-by--layer, making code interpretation straight-forward. Guidance at the software, hardware, or product level - our experience is not limited to software development.

Depth of Experience

20 years of experience in product development is the average for TeleSoft Engineering and Marketing staff.

Our expertise with signaling protocol code and the ability to clearly explain it will help accelerate your product development.